Committee on Faculty Appointments, Appeals, Promotions and Tenure

The Committee on Faculty Appointment, Appeals, Promotions and Tenure makes recommendations to the dean on all matters related to faculty appointment, reappointment, promotion, and tenure in accordance with University regulations and college-level procedures. 

Staff Contact: Charlotte Baker at 323-5720 or




Greg Jicha, MD, Chair Neurology 2014-2020 
Eric Blalock, PhD Pharmacology 2015-2021 
Regina Y. Fragneto, MDAnesthesiology2016-2019 
Peter Giannone, MD Pediatrics 2016-2021 
Edward Hall, PhD Anatomy 2016-2019 
Steve Leung, MDInternal Medicine2019-2022
Scott Mair, MD Orthopaedic Surgery 2015-2021 
David Rudy, MDInternal Medicine2018-2022
Mitzi Schumacher, PhD Behavioral Science 2013-2019 
Paul Sloan, MD Anesthesiology 2011-2020 
Brett Spear, PhD Microbiology 2010-2019 
Julia Stevens, MD Ophthalmology 2016-2019 
Neena Thomas-Eapen, MD Family and Community Medicine2019-2022
Christopher M. WatersPhysiology2019-2022
Sainan Wei, MDPathology and Laboratory Medicine2019-2022
Lesley Wong, MD Surgery 2017-2020