Employing High-School, Undergraduate and Graduate Students

Students (high school, undergraduate and graduate) seeking part-time and/or temporary employment within the University of Kentucky College of Medicine must complete one of the hiring processes outlined below.

High School Students
High school students being hired to perform work for pay within the University of Kentucky must be hired through HR Temporary Employment (STEPS).

If you wish to hire a student with American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funds, high-school students are expected to be paid minimum wage, unless there is justification to pay something higher.

If you need assistance identifying a high school student to work in your area, contact the UK Area Health Education Center or visit the Recruitment of High School Students web page for additional information. AHEC has a database of high school students who have applied to and/or participated in a prior UK Summer Enrichment Program or Health Researchers Youth Academy. Both programs are designed to educate students on health career professions and the research aspect of health care.

Undergraduate and Graduate Students
If a department has an existing student wage line in SAP, the department may hire UK students through that line. The student must complete the I-9 form and pass a national background check through Human Resources.

UK's Student Employment Office is a resource to assist with posting positions, screening applicants and referring students who meet qualifications specified by the hiring department.

If you wish to hire a student (undergraduate or graduate) of another institution, you must contact the UK Temporary Employment Office. All paid student employees must complete the established process in order to work at UK. If a department has a student wage line, the student will be paid through the student wage line. Departments without a student wage line can go through Temporary Employment (STEPS) to hire students.

If you wish to hire a student with American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funds, undergraduate students are limited to $10 per hour, unless there is justification to pay something higher.

Regulations Applicable to Student Employees
Minors Working in Labs - Clarifies when minors will be allowed to work or conduct research in a University of Kentucky research laboratory, greenhouse or animal facility.

Employing Minors - Minors may be employed as student employees if they are students of the University. In addition, minors may be employed as temporary employees in accordance with Kentucky State Law. Any person under 18 years of age is considered a minor under Kentucky law.

Nepotism - Relatives are permitted to work in the same area with certain limitations.